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SBD Evaluation Committee

Every four years, the Board of Directors will institute and swear in the SBD Evaluation Committee, which will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the SBD’s dealings in terms of politics, goals, social impact, access to opportunities for women and priority areas, reasonableness in meeting the guidelines and legal and economic standards in loan management and portfolio administration, compliance with the national development plan, and other matters deemed relevant by the Committee. Moreover, the Committee will evaluate the socioeconomic impact of each of the funds specified in Article 9 separately. The Evaluation Committee’s report will be made public and will be presented to the SBD’s Board of Directors, the Governing Council, the Office of the Ombudsman of the Republic, the Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic and the Legislative Assembly.”

2021 Report

In 2022, the third comprehensive evaluation of the SBD’s dealings is being conducted by the Evaluation Committee, which has already been instituted and sworn in. Upon completing this process, the corresponding report and support materials will be shared to improve the results’ understanding.

2016 Report

2011 Report

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